Character Set Converter

This is a conversion tool to convert between different character sets within text documents. More information can be found here.


A selection of more or less usefull tools created by me over the years. Please note, my WIHU project development will be discontinued.

Source codes

This is a small selection of several source codes created by me over the years. None of them should be used in production environment without modification/verification. You are welcome to send me your modified sources if it may be usefull for others. Licence: All of these sources are free to use.

A selection of other documents or files

Pool Memory Example developed for our OzoneOs project, Idea for a memory controller extension, Idea of multicolumn support for CSS 3.0

Ants Kalytta© Shop

Ants as Hobby? Just come in and wonder about the fascinating world of ants...

Über mich / About me

Erfahren Sie hier mehr über mich oder nehmen Sie Kontakt mit mir auf. Do you want to learn more about me or just want to contacts me.